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BananaSlip Maintenace Spray

The Tru-Tension BananaSlip Maintenance Spray is the all in one spray explicitly designed to clean and protect all aspects of a bike. Designed specifically for bikes, Maintenance Spray is perfect for cleaning and lubricating nearly all parts of the bike while providing a moisture repellent and rust preventative layer. Perfect for all year round maintenance to keep your bike protected.


How to use our Cycle Maintenace Spray

  1.  Place our bike onto a stand and ensure it is secure.
  2.  Apply to desired surfaces and components that need freeing.
  3.  Wipe awa using a clean cloth to leave a shine finish.

 NOTE: Do not spray onto tyre treads or brake componets.

BananaSlip Maintenance Spray

  • At the checkout please choose one of the following otions:

    1. Standard delivery: £6 using DPD 2-3 days.
    2. Course/guided ride FREE: If you have booked onto one of our course/guided rides we will bring it on the day.
    3. We can delivery to you ourselves for FREE 2-3 days.
    4. You are more than welcome to come and pick it up from us.

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