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The Cycle Clean & Lube Bundle gives you the perfect formulation to clean and precisely lubricate your bicycle.

Perfectly combining our world class Monkey Juice Gel Bike Cleaner with our exceptional Drivetrain Cleaner and All Weather Lube. It’s the perfect bundle to get the bike clean and running smoothly.


Remove all the existing dirt, grease and grime before lubricating your chain to provide long lasting protection and increased life of moving components.

Monkey Juice Gel Bike Cleaner and Cycle Drivetrain Cleaner are perfectly coupled to break down and remove all dirt build up to leave your bike looking like new, ready for a fresh application of lubricant.

BananaSlip All Weather Lube is the perfect choice to provide long lasting chain lubrication with enhanced performance and all weather protection. Choose the perfect lubricant to ensure enduring protection and weather resistance. Completely dry lubrication to prevent dirt pick up, while also being fully water resistant. The best all round lubricant for your bike.


  • Monkey Juice Gel Bike Cleaner.

    Cycle Drivetrain Cleaner.

    BananaSlip All Wether Lube.

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