Guided rides, skills coaching, bespoke weekends, holidays.


We run guided rides all over Yorkshire from the Great Yorkshire Dale to the North Yorkshire Moors.

How we grade our rides. 


BLUE= Easy. Will contain off-road tracks with a verity of surfaces but with minimal difficulty and some climbs. Suitable for someone who is competent on a bike with reasonable fitness. Distance 10-15 miles approx.

RED = Moderate. Will contain some technical sections including climbs and descents. Suitable for riders good skills and ability with above average fitness. Distance 15-25 miles.

BLACK = Hard. Will contain steep technical climbs and descents, suitable for the more experienced riders with a good level of fitness. Distance 25-35 miles.


Group ratios are now 5-1 to keep the group to a max of 6 in accordance to GOV guide lines.

All ride timings are approximate and will very on the day according to different riders abilities and weather conditions on the day.

All riders most wear suitable clothing for the day, most ensure their bike is in full working order.