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E-Bike Drivetrain Cleaner is perfectly formulated to lift tough, built up dirt and grime from your drivetrain. Spray on and agitate with a brush to watch dirt fall away, providing the perfect surface for a fresh application of lubricant.

Perfect for use on chains, derailleurs, and chainrings. E-Bike Drivetrain Cleaner instantly goes to work breaking down oils, greases and contaminants on the outside and inside of chains and rings to leave your drivetrain looking like new. With an added rust inhibitor it also helps to reduce future corrosion.




  • Step 1:    Place the bike on a stand of your choice and ensure it is secure.
    Step 2:    Apply Drivetrain Cleaner directly onto chain, derailleur, chainrings and cassette while rotating the pedals backwards.
    Step 3:    Work any stubborn or built up dirt loose using a brush.
    Step 4:    Apply a final coat of Drivetrain Cleaner, before wiping all components clean with a clean rag.
    Step 5:    Lubricate your chain before riding. For best results use a chain lubricant from our E-BIKE  BananaSlip range.

    Important: Suitable for use on paints and plastics. Always check for compatibility in a hidden area first.

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