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E-Bike Snow Foam has been developed by Tru-Tension for quick and easy cleaning, leaving a polished shimmering shine. Perfect for cleaning in a garage or shed without the need to rinse with water. Ideal for all E-Bikes, Road and MTB.

Simply spray on Snow Foam and watch is instantly lift dirt from the surface. Wipe away without the need for water before buffing the surface clean. The perfect E-Bike cleaner.


  • Step 1:    Spray onto frame, wheels or any painted, metal or plastic surfaces.
    Step 2:    Leave for 5 – 30 seconds. The foam will go to work lifting the dirt and grime.
    Step 3:    Wipe dirt away with a clean cloth.
    Step 4:    Once dirt is removed, use a separate clean cloth (microfibre suggested) to buff the surface in circles to activate the polish, leaving a gleaming finish.
    Important: Do not use on braking components.

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